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Infections: Patients undergoing Cancer treatment are more susceptible to catching hold of diseases, which can result in diarrhea.Antibiotics consumed to treat the infection-causing germ can prolong diarrhea.Cancer: Certain types of cancer are known to cause diarrhea, such as neuroendocrine tumors, colon cancer, and pancreatic cancer.What causes abnormal-looking.

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I Like Smelling Butts. Only Hot Girls Ass. Sometimes I Wait For Them To Leave Before Sniffing their seats... is it okay to smell their butts? ive sniffed girls asses like when im queing up i just bend down to tie my shoe lace and sniff it. The baby begins to eat complementary foods. like mashed bananas or congee, the stool gradually becomes firmer. From now on, the stool starts to smell stronger. furthermore, the Baby's stools are now brown. Depending on the digested food droppings can also be orange (for example, carrots), red (for example, beets), green (for example, spinach.

Set it aside. Bend a small hook at the end of a wire, stick it down the drain, pull out the debris, and throw it in the trash. Repeat until you can't feel any more debris in the drain. Flush the drain with 4 to 5 gallons of very hot (not boiling) water and replace the stopper.

4. Sexually Transmitted Infections. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), like gonorrhea and chlamydia, can impact your butt area and cause abnormal odors. It's often due to discharge that may.

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